Why a Villa Might be the Best Accommodation for You?

Are you planning a trip to Zanzibar? Great! You have made an excellent choice for a tourist destination. Zanzibar offers a wide array of spectacular sights and sounds, delicious local cuisines, historical culture and monumental places. 

The turquoise blue Indian Ocean with an abundance of sea species, the white sandy beaches, the spices, and water sports activities put together will make you want to come back again. Zanzibar is a wonderland and what makes it even more special is your choice of accommodation.

Top Accommodation Choice: Zanzibar Private Pool Villa

Zanzibar Private Pool Villa elegant establishment with garden and a view of the ocean

The idea of a Zanzibar vacation is to have a wholesome experience. To live and relive every moment in bliss. What makes the whole holiday experience exceptional is your choice of accommodation. This amazing island offers a variety of awesome accommodation options however, a Zanzibar private pool villa should definitely be on your list. 

A villa is serene with a peaceful atmosphere that allows you to relax and basically forget about the whole world and its trouble. Many Zanzibar luxury villas are also equipped with state of the art facilities and the ambiance alone can be pretty rejuvenating for both mind and body -- the perfect vacation. 

Here’s some reasons you should opt for a Zanzibar luxury villa:

Ample space that you can make your own

Zanzibar Private Pool Villa spacious living area

Staying in a Zanzibar beach villa means you can own all that space and enjoy it as you would like. Customize your villa experience according to your preferences. For instance, if you are traveling with your family, you could request for a gaming room to be set up inside the private villa for the kids.

Privacy guaranteed

Privacy is everything when you’re on vacation. Waking up on your own time and without dealing with other tourists is definitely one of the things you can enjoy when you stay in a Zanzibar Luxury Villa. You have all the space and freedom to chill where you please, away from prying eyes. Zanzibar beach villas are designed in such a way that it’s just you and your loved ones basking in the beauty of a beautiful environment with state of the art facilities. 

Bring the whole family along

Zanzibar Private Pool Villa dining area with ocean view for the family

Opting for a Zanzibar private villa means you can bring all family members, including pets on your vacation. Everyone gets to have a good time and the whole family can bond together even more. 

Truly relax in comfort and style

Zanzibar luxurious villas are exactly what they are. In every sense of the phrase, the villas are huge and luxurious with a touch of royalty. You get to live the dream lifestyle you desire during your vacation. All you have to do is relax and have all your preferred activities set up for you. You even get to decide what kind of food you want to eat during mealtimes. 

Enjoy views of natural landscapes

Zanzibar Private Pool Villa pool area with the view of the sea on a sunset

A private villa is usually secluded and usually overlooks some serene natural landscapes that make you feel like you’re living in paradise. You are immersed in nature and surrounded with beauty. The Zanzibar landscape is one of a kind and waking up to such a beautiful atmosphere is one of those experiences you’ll definitely cherish during your stay. 

State of the art amenities

Zanzibar Private Pool Villa spacious elegant bathroom

Private villas in Zanzibar are usually equipped with modern facilities to ensure an unforgettable stay. For instance, Kidoti Villas, on the top Zanzibar beach villas, offers top of the line amenities, including tasteful furnishings, air conditioning, home exercise equipment, indoor and outdoor eating areas, as well as entertainment systems like iPads, Bluetooth speakers, LED flat-screen TVs with digital channels and DVD. There’s also free WiFi and a garden area that is home to 6 tortoises and several local bird wildlife.


Villa owners are not plagued with the usual security threats that average people face. Round the clock security is put in place to ensure you have an undisturbed vacation experience. 

Class and Exclusivity

Zanzibar Private Pool Villa private elegant room with a view

Opting for a Zanzibar luxury villa elevates means you get to live like royalty and be pampered for during your holiday. You don’t get to worry about sharing space or other resources with anyone or be bothered with any form of noise or disturbance. 


The idea of a holiday is to have quality time. You want to be able to come back from a hectic day at the beach or safari to relax unperturbed about anything. Choosing a Zanzibar private pool villa allows you to achieve just that. So what are you waiting for? Talk to us about your Zanzibar accommodation plans today!

Get in touch with us today to discuss the right accommodation options for your adventure here in Zanzibar.

Branded Africa
· Posted on
January 9, 2020
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