8 Interesting Family Activities To Enjoy In Zanzibar

Zanzibar is known for its amazing beach fronts and numerous water activities. Your family can undoubtedly enjoy relaxing moments by the shore or experience all kinds of water sports from swimming to diving and even kitesurfing. But did you know that there are a number of family friendly activities that you can enjoy on the island aside from these? Here are 8 interesting family activities you may want to add to your Zanzibar itinerary.


Swimming With Horses


One of the activities the whole family can enjoy doing in Zanzibar is to go swimming with horses. It’s a whole new horseback riding experience that the whole family can do together while on the island. This usually entails a trail ride where you can enjoy going around the island and then caps off with a nice cooling swim at the beach. The horses are allowed to enter the waters with the help of the guides. You’ll be able to experience what it would be like to be on the horse bareback or you can just swim alongside it whichever is your preference. Either way it’ll be a unique experience to try with your family


Go On The Spice Tour


The Spice Tour on the island is definitely something one shouldn’t miss out on. One of the island’s biggest trade industries is spice. And what better way to explore the streets and local markets then going on a tour to learn more about the spice trade. The local guides are all incredibly knowledgeable about the spice industry including its origins. Zanzibar actually produces a wide variety of spices. Take your family on this tour where you’ll not only learn about Zanzibar’s spice trade but also experience a different side of the island. A great time to spend away from the usual beach activities on Zanzibar.


Visit Jozani Forest


Another fun activity to include in your Zanzibar itinerary is visiting Jozani Forest. Zanzibar isn’t only a place to enjoy cool pristine waters but it also home to the Red Colobus Monkeys which are only found in Zanzibar. This is also another activity you and your family can enjoy away from the beach during your stay on the island. The Jozani Forest is also home to a number of other animal species like the bush babies. Bird enthusiasts will also get to enjoy seeing a number of birds in the forest as there over 40 species that can be spotted in the area. Your family can enjoy this tour on its own or together with the Spice Tour.


Go On The Slave Trade Market Tour


If your family is interested in learning more about the history of Zanzibar, the Slave Trade Market Tour is recommend.Although it explores Zanzibar’s darker past it is still a good experience to partake in as a family in order to learn more about the past that helped shape the island. Stone Town was the location of one of the last open slave markets to be closed by the British in 1873. On this tour you’ll be visiting a number of sites where slaves were kept and sold. Learning about what they all went through and what became of them after the closure of the market.


Explore the Forodhani Gardens Food Market

This food market is located on the seafront so you and your family can enjoy eating local food and the breeze. The stalls found in the Forodhani Gardens Food Market serve local Zanzibar cuisine. You and your family can enjoy a great atmosphere amongst the locals and tourists that visit the market. Be sure to try the local fish, coconut bread, the Zanzibar pizza and garlic chapatti among many other delicious food for sale.Surely everyone will be leaving the food market feeling extra full and happy.


Sailing On A Dhow Boat

Sail on one of the Dhow boats that dot the island’s waters. Your family can enjoy a relaxing ride to experience the beautiful sunset and clear waters of Zanzibar. The wooden sailboats that are commonly seen on the island are called Dhow. Going on a sunset ride with your whole family can be a special experience. A good time to just be with one another and experiencing nature’s beauty. This is perfect to try after enjoying a number of the island’s water activities.


Enjoy A Day Trip to Prison Island

Prison Island or Changuu Island is a 30 minute boat ride away from Stone Town which you and your family can explore during the day. It originally was the island where slaves were sent to wait for transportation to be sent to their final destinations in Europe. It is home to giant tortoises and old prison ruins. You and your family can enjoy exploring the ruins and as well as snorkelling the coral reef in the area. Visitors can enjoy feeding the giant tortoises on the island a unique experience to try while you are there.


Visiting the Zanzibar Old Fort

If you are traveling with kids the Zanzibar Old Fort will be an enjoyable place to explore. Its walls offer a unique look into what it was like in the past. It was originally built to protect the islanders from the Portuguese. Now you can visit it and find that it has become a cultural hub spot for the island where you can see the open-air amphitheater,the Cultural Art Gallery and the Cultural Art Center. The Cultural Art Center allows visitors to meet local artists and even have the opportunity to go on a hands-on course to learn about their craft. This is a great activity for the whole family to enjoy and to experience the art and culture of Zanzibar.


Zanzibar is home to a number of activities that not only showcase its amazing waters but also a number of cultural,historical and even gastronomical delights. Be sure to make the most out of your family’s holiday by enjoying a mix of these activities. Your family will surely come home with a lot of wonderful memories.

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· Posted on
November 30, 2019
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